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Open Source NetMD functionality for OS X, Darwin, FreeBSD and maybe Linux

NB - This software can currently only edit disk titles, control playback etc.
Audio download functionality is still being researched


29 December 2002

Some answers to questions which I am frequently asked. Including "where the heck is the next release?"

4 December 2002

Web server configuration fixes - Disk images should now always download as binary, CVS directories should be viewable (doh!).

New build from CVS with some minor fixes but with debug level turned up. If you are having trouble with Xmd crashing rather than finding your MD unit (or on adding a group) please download from here and email me console log output.

3 December 2002

Tar file of CVS exported hourly to here.

29 November 2002

Added a script to build from CVS. First CVS build is here. This should have fixes for the group bugs mentioned below

More automation, nightly builds etc coming soon

25 November 2002

There is a known bug in libomd where deleting a track that is inside a group may cause invalid group information to be written out to the TOC. Provisionally fixed in CVS and I will cut a new release as soon as I get a chance to test and verify the fix.

The project's change log is now available online.

In fact, a regularly updated copy of what's in CVS can be found here. Access via CVSweb and (possibly) anonymous CVS will be forthcoming when I get time to set them up (and seperate my public and private projects into seperate repositories)

24 November 2002 - Version 0.1 released.

This is basically the first version I consider to be fit for any kind of human consumption, and I would class it as "clunky but functional". There are known bugs in the library and front end programs, but I am reasonably certain that none of these are severe enough to damage minidiscs or minidisc recorders (however, this software comes with NO WARRANTY, please see the disclaimer and license).


This software comprises 3 components:-


Please read the ANNOUNCE and README files in the source code for more details.


OS X, Binary. Download the OS X disk image below. Uncompress and mount it (detailed instructions here). Drag the Xmd icon to your Applications folder (or double-click on it to run). If you want the command line utility, copy it to a directory on your PATH (if you don't know what that means, then you don't want the command line utility).

OS X, Source code. Either download the disk image and copy the source folder out of it or download and unpack the tar file. Open "Xmd.pbproj" to open the project in Project Builder ready to compile. Fix bugs. Send me patches.

NB: You will need the latest (eg later than Nov 23) libusb installed...Earlier versions cause serious resource leaks. Also, the Project may have /usr/local/lib/libusb.a hard coded (it was the simplest way for me to force Project Builder to statically link it :)

Other Unix, Source code. Download the tar file below and unpack it. In theory you should be able to just type 'make' and it'll build cleanly on FreeBSD (and maybe Net/OpenBSD, possibly even Linux). Run the resulting executable, "omd". Please let me know of any issues (there should be no compiler warnings at all). If you're interested in helping to get the GUI code running under GNUStep, please get in touch.

NB: You will need a working version of libusb installed, and need to have libusb-config in your PATH.


For the command line tool you're on your own until I write a manual page (in my copious spare time). Use The Source or the online help.

The OS X GUI should be relatively straightforward, although there are a few gotchas:-


This software is not guaranteed to do anything or to be fit for any purpose.

It may damage your computer or your minidisc recorder, destroy your minidiscs, turn all your music into modern jazz or in very rare cases make your partner sterile. I don't want to hear about it if it does.

For the legalese version of this, please be sure you read the license.


Available files:-


Please mail me with any bug reports etc:
Pete Bentley