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Ketamine - also known as Ket, Special K, Mad cow powder

Ketamine is a “disassociate” drug, its an anesthetic mostly used by vets, if you're not careful it's much more likely to bring you to a dead halt than make you want to dance. It comes either as a white powder which is snorted, sometimes as pills and in its "raw" liquid form which can be injected into muscles (note not into veins).

Ket is also an hallucinogen and a stimulant,  its effects begin in a few minutes if snorted, about about 20 minutes if swallowed as a pill and instantly if injected.

It seems to affect different people in different ways, some say it starts with a speedy rush but others chuck up. The main effects are powerful hallucinations and, with only a little too much - incapacitation - you can't move or if you do try you'll be unsteady on your feet and will do a lot of falling over. If you inject it, you will pass out.

Many people have “out of body” experiences and very intense trips, music sounds strange, very loud and disjointed. You will feel numb and if you do hurt yourself, you won't feel it.

Other people feel paralysed, some slur their words.

Ketamine isn't a new drug, its been around a long time and has been used for one-off medical treatments for ages, but no-one really knows what the long term effects of using it regularly are.

Staying safe with Ket

Injecting any drug is very dangerous, the fact that Ket is injected into muscles and not directly into your blood (IV) is no protection, all the rules about not sharing needles and all the rest apply. Best advice is never to inject anything. Injecting users often become very dependant on Ket, although it isn't technically addictive.

In small amounts its a stimulant, so don't take too much! Snorting a fat line will send you to la-la land for some time and if you have too much and you go into the “K-hole”, you'll miss everything and just sleep. With Ket, less really is more.

Be careful where you take it, if you fall or have an accident you can hurt yourself and not know about it.

You may have a hard trip and your body will feel numb, this may be unpleasant and some people find the anesthetic taste nasty.

Make sure there is someone with you who can look after you because you won't be able to look after yourself, especially if you go down the K-hole.

Avoid taking K with other drugs (generally good advice) but especially alcohol.

You might be sick, this may be more likely if you take a pill rather than snorting it but can happen either way.

The main dangers with using Ket come with hurting yourself without realising you've done so, its not really a dance drug either and it can be very anti-social.

Injecting is very dangerous.

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