DIY - Do it yourself drug awareness and harm reduction for recreational drug users. Why DIY?
Because no-one else is doing it.

Although drug use will always be dangerous to some extent, under the regime of prohibition millions of
recreational users are being subjected to dangers which can easily be reduced, many could be removed
entirely. DIY aims to do this by providing accessible, factual information in a way which will be seen as
credible within and relevant to the culture.

DIY intends:

To provide information regarding the effect of drugs, their composition, purity and strength in as much
as this is possible.

To issue warnings of potentially dangerous fake or unusually strong varieties of drugs on sale.

To spread information on how to reduce risks involved in using drugs.

To encourage self help, including knowledge of first aid.

To raise awareness of the legal status of drugs and the impact the regime of prohibition is having.

To provide information on activist groups on all sides of the debate where their policies support harm
reduction and to draw attention to those groups who oppose it.

To encourage the distribution of accurate information through peer channels and to increase awareness
through a network of DIY peer support.

To work with the Drug Action Teams, the press, members of the public and even the police to promote
the principles of harm reduction when this becomes possible.

DIY does not wish to encourage the use of drugs and is not campaigning for legalisation, however the
dangerous impact of the law cannot be ignored and where relevant, this issue will be highlighted. DIY is
not an “anti-drug” campaign.

DIY is independent of government.


Derek Williams
The Greenhouse
Bethel Street
Norwich     e-mail

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