Sound Systems
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3 Bass Sound System Anything up to 15k
Tel: 020 8868 9496
Phil or Steve
4D Sound System 4DPA: New for 2004 The latest generation Funktion One Resolution sound system.
Bss, Qsc and C audio, power amplifiers, bss signal processing, formula sound mixing, technics 1210 decks, Funktion One Dj monitors, Van damme cabling, Megadeck staging, trilite truss, Mercedes trucking. rigs so far anything from 8k to 60k. venues: from hell to hell and back to hell
System clients : Tasty, Logic, Pendragon, Pickle, Escape from Samsara The Fridge Brixton, Mass Nightclub Brixton.
Email: sound.geezer@btinternet.Nospam.com
www: www.sorted.org/-4d
Awesome Sounds
Thame Oxfordshire
Very High quality sound systems for Dance events.
Idealy suited to Hard House & Trance, my Sound Sytems are availably from 4KW(RMS) to 20KW(RMS).
I use BSS Amps, ASS Speakers, Technics vinal & Pioneer CD Decks, Numark PPD & Citronic Mixers.
I can supply my own reliable Generator for outdoor events and I am willing to take on European tours.
----"May the Base be with you"----
Tel: 01844 354072
07771 524282
Fax: 01844 354072
Chiba City
Sound System
No details as yet
Email: chiba@theplot.free-online.co.uk
www: www.theplot.free-online.co.uk/chiba/
Cybergroove Sound Systems 2X 2k systems + 5 Techno dj's & 5 D&B/jungle dj's, uv wall hangings + lights full legal/squat party outfit venues needed!!!!
Tel: 0777 587 5443
Email: cybergroove13@hotmail.com
Dekked Have up to 10k of sound, full hire of decks , lights, etc.... can provide projections and visuals also DJ`s ( Dub, Ragga , Drum &
Bass, + others). Also we can set up smart cinema ( visual + fat sound ).

Available 312 1/4 days a year ( if we`re not in Europe !!)

We are used to squat / free party set ups and are up for new adventures !
Email: phatcontroller23@hotmail.com
Fat Fish pa Turbosound Floodlight system. C-Audio/Lab Gruppen amplification. Souncraft/BSS Omnidrive control eqpt. Technics Decks and bloody loud monitors. Credits include Pendragon,Escape From Samsara,Return to the Source,Club Dog etc...
Tel: 01483 765868
Fax: 01483 765868
Klanies Super Sound System, Anything up to 20 Watts.
Tel: 020 7609 5151
Email: sh101@yahoo.com
Hypnotic Breaks Sound system, wikid dj's(techno,d+b,hardcore etc), lights, mobile cafe etc
for smallish events
Tel: 01426 183260
Email: djsadia@hotmail.com
Desire Promotions 1 k sound system also computing equipment, digital video camera and display screen, acn also go live onto net, getting site up and running.
Tel: 04325 169661
Email: tallPaull@rocketmail.com
Sound Syndicate Any size system upto 15K, dj's, Backdrops, and effects
Email: SoundSyndicate@cableinet.co.uk
Sound Carriers
upto 4k Rig Peavey p/amps/ 18"Bass bins (black widows) 15" f/range/mids/tops (black widows) Small lighting rig. 16 ch.A&H desk Outboard f.x. zoom/alesis also 500 watt monitor rig
Tel: 01865 331341
fax : 01865 331107
Email : ibanez@easynet.co.uk
Sound People
84-86 County Street.
Highest quality systems with un-compromised quality of service within central London. Hire, sales & maintenace. true 24-hour service
Tel: 020 7378 0777
fax : 020 7378 0888
Email : ispl@dircon.co.uk
www: sound-people.co.uk
Undertow Rigs from 4k-14k available, excellent sound quality powered by QSC amps, split 4-ways in stereo. Constructed using computer aided design especially for dance music. We like to create the optimum situation for the DJ or performer so they can mix/play at their best. We provide JBL EON monitors, Vestax pro mixer with kills, Technics 1210s and a specially designed super-stable feedback proof mixing table. We can also provide a full range of intelligent lights and we have an extensive collection of individual décor and uv lighting.
Tel: 020 8771 2014
Email : susan@flowing.demon.co.uk
www: www.undertow.org.uk
Utopia Sound System
16 Taylor crescent
S41 0HR

2KW to 8KW, Used on free party scene, Festivals & Clubnights, run by techno trance crew.
Tel: +44 01246 203293
Email : mark@utopia-ss.co.uk
www: www.utopia-ss.co.uk

for great uv backdrops visit our site groovyuv.co.uk.we also paint
Tel: 07745221032
Email : groovyuv100@hotmail.com
www: groovyuv.co.uk

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Karma Productions Fully intelligent lighting rig suitable for smal to medium sized clubs. Equipment includes Abstract VR8 scanners, future scans, galacric moons, gladiators, fully programmable lighting desk, strobes, smoke achines, UV cannons and assorted other bits.
Tel: 07959 217810
Email: stevie.b@mite.co.uk
www: pix.co.uk/subart/
One Illusion
Unit J,
Broadlands Mansions
Broadlands Ave
SW16 1NB

Bringing colour and light into the darkest recess of london.
Specailizing in scanner, projection, stroboscopic, and generic lighting, and effects including full pyrotecnic displays, haze, smoke, dry ice, bubble and foam efects.
Moving truss and stage design.
We cater for productions between 50 to 6000 pepole and have the knowledge and experance of indoor venues from squats to ministry of sound, and outdoor venue in the uk and abroad.
Our clients include kundalini, frantic, bingo, stop talking ballocks, tectonic, kinetec, home-grown, and onecell.

Tel: 020 8677 0637
Fax: 020 8677 0637

Computer Graphics
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Paul Martel-Mead
Michael Beverly

We take three computers on stage and mix computer generated animations and images live via our video projector and an 8 foot by 6 foot screen.

We work with the clubs we perform at to create an identity, and create animations specific to each club. The original Amiga 4000 has been joined by a second, both of which we now use solely as playback machines. We have 5 Pentium PCs networked together for rendering purposes, and also for the odd sneaky multiplayer game like Red Alert :).
We have the brilliant DPS Perception video recorder, giving broadcast quality PAL component output, housed in a twin (150 overclocked to) 166MHz Pentium system.

We also use a video mixer but only as a single part of the whole effect. We are completely self-sufficient; we have our own video projector (Sharp XV370P) and fast-fold back projection screen. Most of our equipment is available for hire whenever we don't need it.

Email: Paul Martell-Mead
Michael Beverley
www: www.overscan.demon.co.uk
Autopilot Autopilot is a digital live performance company. We don't play video loops, film loops or pre-rendered graphcs - out show consists entirely of real-time 3D graphics that dance in time to the music. The show runs at 60 frames per second - so real you'll think you really saw it. To check out Frankie, the bonkers dancing robot, check out the site.
Tel: 07050 132 998
Fax: 020 7701 5880
Email: pilot@autopilot.co.uk
www: www.autopilot.co.uk

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KGBvisuals a largecollection of uv fire-proofed backdrops on a 3d/manga/techno theme. inflatable stars and video (computer animation) complements the show. can supply drapes nationwide.

AV software and vj work

Science Fiction, Dreamscape, Space(Ibiza) and free parties!

Tel: 0796092961


www: www.kgbvisuals.i12.com
Nexus backdrops

Hand painted back drops

Tel: 020 83455523
Fax: 020 83455523
Email: paul.myhill@onyxnet.co.uk
www: www.overscan.demon.co.uk
D.M.T(wisted) Design. quality u.v backdrops(seen at most free parties)/all types of graphic design/specialists in spraycan art/murals/shopfronts(check out 'recycled'Elephant and castle).  
Tel: 07957 756 201
Email: gwynit.yahoo.com
Karma Productions
Creators of high grade artwork for the UK & European club scene. High quality airbrushed/hand painted backdrops. 3D models. Custom work available.  
Tel: 07959 217810
Email: stevie.b@mite.co.uk
www: www.karmaproductions.co.uk
Optical Solution A Multi-media Design House specialising in the production of backdrops to individual order, 3D Objects of fascination, Flyers & Tickets for the Underground Promotions Scene, T-Shirt printing (also; record bags, slipmats, baseball caps, mouse-mats and more). Specialist in UV artwork !  
Tel: 01705 799455
Fax: 01705 799455
Email: andi.h@mcmail.com
M.A.D. Productions
Municipal Arts & Dance
New Trinity Community Centre
Trinity Road,
St. Philips
Full on UV Enviroments, stage sets, set design + backdrops. Were up for BIG BRIGHT POSOTIVE EVENTS, UV costumed dancers + Event management services also available.  
Tel: 0788 153 0093
Email: mad_productions@hotmail.com
www: www.mutant-dance.org.uk
Sub Art
Exquisitely painted UV backdrops on heavy canvas. Wide range. We also custom make backdrops for your event.
As seen at Tribal Gathering, Complex, Lakota, Love Parade and all over the UK
Tel: 01225 333933
0411 419997
Fax: 01225 333636
Email: subart@pix.co.uk
www: pix.co.uk/subart/
The Boat People
Ernie, Rod and Louise
Hyperdimensional Ultra-violet Backdrops as seen at Ossery road and Cosmic Carrot, We make the best UV backdrops ever seen! Using a labour-intensive Speckle method (pat pending) :) we create Kaliedescopic doorways into other dimensions. Create the perfekt enviroment for your psychedelic parties, and provide portals for aliens to visit!  
Tel: 10634 827018 (Ernie)
01634 827018 (Rod & Louise)
Email: 106615.1242@compuserve.com
Mat Redhead
39, Arngask Rd
London SE6 1XY
UV visual effects, backdrops, sculpture complete creation of fluffy fluoro world From hire of UV tubes to full on Environment design. UV strobes, projection and scanz  
Tel: 020 8698 4413
Email: redhed@global.co.uk
Tribal Productions
Airbrushed acrylic backdrops (not UV). Wildlife scenes including Whales, Tigers, Eagles and Elephants (4m x 2m)  
Tel: 077864 30969
Email: tribal@uv.net
Visual Bliss
Specialists in amazing themed UV decor, also props and UV lighting. Logos and commissions welcome. Glatonbury 2000 Dance Tent
Tel: 01803 762326
Email: info@visualbliss.co.uk
www: www.visualbliss.co.uk
Wild Frogz
2 Lilton Walk,
Bedminster Down
BS1 378W
Full on UV hangings, costumed dancers.  
Tel: 01179 635017
Email: ibell@cix.co.uk
www: www.bigfoot.com/~iancgbell/wildfrog

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Brainer Full visual production, Flyers, Design and printing, returned to you within 4 days.


Tel: 0973 286094
Email: lunch@irational.org
www: irational.org/interact/flyers
Karma Productions
Creators of high grade artwork for the UK & European club scene. Tinrib, Fish
Tel: 07959 217810
Email: stevie.b@mite.co.uk
www: pix.co.uk/subart/
Stookie   Twisted
Tel: 01923 772041
Our House Absolute flyers, any size any shape, with or without artwork, fast turnaround, delivered boxed and ready to punt out  
Tel: 020 8348 3640
103 falcon rd
SW11 2PF
We will distribute 5k of flyers, from Thurs, Monday, weekly or monthly, (hard house @ trance clubs only) around 20 venues per wk,end


Tel: 020 7223 0733
Fax: 020 7313 9748
Email: dragonflyer51@hotmail.com
Sauce Design design and print  
Tel: 07808 920 690
Email: adam@sauce.org.uk
www: www.sauce.org
Urd Illustration and design Saiko!, Torture Garden
Email: urd3000@hotmail.com

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Heir of Insanity
Moats Tye,
IP14 2EX

MAcrobatic and trapeze performace.

Tel: 01449 672866
Email: ibell@cix.co.uk
www: www.bigfoot.com/~iancgbell/insanity
Firepower Limited
22 Murray Street
YO24 4JA
PYROTECHNO...Professional grade Pyrotechnics/fireworks electronically controlled, particularly for outdoor raves/techno nights in fields/venues with lots of space.National/international display service.
Tel: 01904 330340
Fax: 01904 330341
Email: firepower@btinternet.com
www: firepower.co.uk
The Stilt Martians
UV active orange aliens on stilts, juggling, club swinging, puppets etc... We are UV maniacs, regularly at Innocence - London & Wild Frogz UV environments, look out for us at Glastonbury, and the Paris techno carnival!
Tel: 00 44 1959 524205
Fax: 00 44 1959 523012
Email: kim@SHOREHAM93.freeserve.co.uk

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NightClub Medics

Provider of medical staff for clubs, dance events and raves to meet the Health and Safety guidelines.

Tel: 0870 766 0273 or 07771 695051
Email: info@cems.123isp.co.uk

Charly Keller

3 Star St John's Ambulance Medic (First Aider), goes by the name Charly, works for free looking after the Raving Community (large com Club's need not bother ringing) ,likes the acid techno, hrd hse, uplifting trance party's cant stand dark side DnB, has own transport and medical kit...will come to your party for free of charge (provided you look after him, ie a drink or two) drop us a line, to make sure your brothers an sisters rave safe and stay safe.
Tel: 07930-434-670
Email: ckonegsxr600@yahoo.co.uk

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Cambridge UV BodyArt
The Wash,
Bury St Edmunds,
Suffolk IP29 5HH

UV face & body painters. Provide significant UV lighting. All tubes perspex shielded.

Tel: 01284-850478
Email: ibell@cix.co.uk
www: www.bigfoot.com/~iancgbell/bodyart

Access All Areas
3 Kentish Town Road

Information, promotion and ticket outlet
Tel: 020 7267 8320
020 7428 0127 (shop)
Email: amin@accessallareas.org

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