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Who is it for
London Techno Events is a website dedicated to giving you the best in London's nightlife whether it be for techno, trance, hardhouse, acid, NuNrg or any other style of 'rave' music. I'd like to have included squat parties but as it would cause those people problems, I'll only include them if they're suicidal enough to ask me personally.

It's design
The site looks a bit dated but the idea is for a site that works for the most people possible. I've tried very hard to keep the download times of each page to a minimum. This means no fancy Flash animations or loads of pretty pictures. I've also tried to make sure it works on text based systems. I've heard that it is quite ledgible on a Palm III so I must be doing something right.
No Ads
You may notice there are no banner ads or other intrusive forms of advertising. The only way other sites get a mention here is by a simple link. This is not a money making site so you can be assured that all the recommendations on these pages are because they deserve it, not because I'm getting a backhander* or because they're paying for advertising.

London Techno Events takes quite a bit of time to update. I try to update it every week but sometimes things get in the way. Just updating the dates, events and venues pages, regularly takes over four hours to do every week. My priority is to get those three sets of pages out of the way first. If I have any time left, I'll update the djs list, followed by the band list and then the rest of the site. So if you've tried to add your name to the DJs list, please be patient. If you've filled out the form correctly and live or play in London regularly, you'll be put on.

Everything here is done in my own time using my own telephone and modem! I'm trying to figure out a way for it to pay it's way without ruining it's simplicity and independance but haven't come up with anything yet. Aside from people thanking me for the work I put in and the fact that I get put on quite a few guest lists (for which I'm eternally grateful) I get nothing. So if anyone has any ideas, please give us a call.

* I'll gratefully accept donations no matter how small but please note that they will never work as bribes. Of course you may get on my 'top ten bribe' list if you try to bribe me

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Software used:
Text Editor : TextPad
HTML Editor : Dreamweaver
Database: MS Access
Database to html conversion : DBtoWeb
Graphics: Fireworks, Photoshop
ftp: FlashFXP

Thanks to:
All the people that have used the site over the years
All the clubs, promoters and DJ's that have put me guestlists, given me free drinks and back stage passes.
All those who have helped me with technical queries about the site.
TNT Magazine for 'Dales Diary'
and of course...
All the good people I've met at clubs over the years
All the good people on uk.music.rave newsgroup

Big thanks to:
Adam & Les (Lab-4), Allen TG (Torture Garden), Chris Liberator, Dave & Nadya (Logic), Eamonn & Wayne (Fevah), Eliana Iwasa (Groove Patrol, Brazil), Jon Bell, Stevie B & Nadia (Tinrib/Fish), Kirk Field (TNT/Radical Escapes), Max (Alien Trax), Oberon, Rave Patrol (Sao Paulo, Brazil), Shoko F (Viva, Tokyo, Japan), Tim (Escape from Samsara), Yoji Biomehanika (Hellhouse Recs/Viva, Osaka, Japan) for various favours given way beyond anything I can reciprocate.
All my friends (You know who you are)

Extra special massive thanks to:
Pete Bentley (for hosting the site for free)


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