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I can't be everywhere at once, so I need input from as many sources as possible. Here's how you can help.
Dates Tell us if you've got details of an event or venue in London that isn't on the pages. Use the 'Add an event' form to make things easier still. I'm always making mistakes so let us know where I've buggered up.
Events All of the above applies here too. Also, there have been lots of events that aren't on anymore. Let us know if you see one still on my list. Help us with phone numbers and other contact details, especially if completely empty.
Venues Again all of the above applies here too.
Help me fill in any missing details. Let us know if the bouncers are arseholes, the taps don't work in the toilets, etc.
Links Find any cool places that might be useful on my pages? Let us know.
I may not put them on until I've had confirmation that the owner wants me to.
Changes Got any cool ideas that you'd like to see on my pages?
These pages are due for a facelift. Is there anything that you'd like to see added, changed or removed?

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