Mutoid Waste Co.

I've been going to parties since the 'Mutoid Waste Co.' parties in North London in the mid eighties. These parties started off as an excuse to fund Mutoid Waste's industrial artistic works which consisted of sculptures and motorised vehicles made from scrap.
They were essentially massive parties in squatted venues, the most famous being in an old bus depot in King's Cross. The original music policy was punk, psychedelia, dub reggae and other assorted weird stuff. When 'acid house' arrived, the parties gradually transformed themselves into giant acid parties until the police forced them to move out of London and then Britain.

The sculptures at these parties were generally made from old bus, car & bike parts, the most famous being 'The Skull Bus', A giant vehicle made from an old bus (I think), which was completely stripped down and reconstructed into something that looked like a sharks skeleton with a mutant human skull for a head.. The most remembered sculpture was a giant skeleton puppet (15-20 feet high) made from chrome exhaust pipes and stuff. It had wires tied to the arms, legs & head which went down to the puppeteirs' who would then dance to the music. Watching this monster doing giant raving gestures in time with the music whilst tripping my head off is now etched in my mind forever.

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