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London Techno Events aims to give you the most comprehensive and up to date guide to London's underground dance scene, concentrating on techno, house, breaks and trance.
London Techno Events is a totally independent, voluntary website.

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News: 11/11/11

Well, four years later and it appears I'm still no closer to updating this site. It's still in the back of my mind but I simply don't have the time right now to get started on a rewrite.

However, I'm still keen to let you guys out there know what's on so I've created a couple of Facebook Pages to keep you guys in the loop. Please check out...
London Techno Events and London Techno Events - Mixes
and 'Like' them if you want to keep updated. I hope you find what you're looking for there, at least until I can find some time to resuscitate this site from it's vegetative state.

News: 19/05/07

Sincerest apologies for being unable to update the pages over the last few weeks.

Whilst I'm revitialising the Dates Pages, can I please redirect you all to the forum section of the site.

The lack of updates is due to another drive failure.

Although I had made backups of all my data, I had foolishly forgot to backup the code that translates the offsite database into html code.

As the effort involved to recreate this outdated method of updating the site I've decided to start from scratch.

However, due to a massive increase in work commitments and the complexity of the task, I am unable to do this in any short-term timeframe. With reluctance therefore I have come to the conclusion that I need someone else to help me develop the code for the site.

If there are any megakeen proficient PHP/mySQL coders out there who would like to help then please let me know. The site has always been an ad-free, voluntary one so there's little chance of getting any cash payment from it but many event organisers who use
London Techno Events have looked after me very well and I'm sure they will do the same for anyone that can assist me keep the site running. So if any of you would like to help, please contact London Techno Events here.



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