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Plays. Hard house
Also. trance
Can. funky beats
Resident: Incentive 2 dance, Cambrudge
Regular: Above
Other: Freek lincolnshire, alongside likes of lisa pin-up, charlotte birch , timo mass for 12 months
Tel: 07776401184
Cr: 24/03/2003
Md: 24/03/2003
Plays. hi-nrg techno-trance
Resident: Undertow
Cr: 22/01/2001
Md: 22/01/2001
Plays. hardhouse/trance
Also. hardtechno
Can. Oldskool
Regular: Pendragon, Transnation (NL)
Tel: +31 65550 2193
Cr: 22/07/2000
Md: 22/07/2000
Plays. Hardhouse & Trance
Also. Deep & funky house
Resident: SoundEscape
Regular: Arkane, Submaniac
Other: Techno Parade 99, Paris Mashed up Eclispe Festival, Cornwall After-Party sur la Seine, Paris 99
Tel: 07970 106692
Cr: 14/02/2000
Md: 14/02/2000
Freaky Bob
Plays. psychedelic trance
Also. Bit of Acid Techno
Regular: Peek,starlite 2001 (Leicester),atomic Jam,Ground Zero (Brighton)
Tel: 0797 092 2356
Fax: 01273 241 886
Cr: 14/02/2000
Md: 14/02/2000
Full Lotus
Plays. Psychedelic Techno/Trance
Also. Ambient
Can. Acid Techno
Regular: Doolally, Kundalini, Dhyana(Ipswich)
Other: Muriwai
Cr: 14/02/2000
Md: 14/02/2000

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