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Dj N.R.G
Plays. Versatile Mc and Dj. Play Hard Trance,Techno,House anything that mashes it up!
Also. No Cheese, Just pure Twist, Breakbeat, Oakey style coolness!
Resident: Helter Skelter,K2,Slammin Vinyl and Hardcore Heaven.
Regular: Diehard, Dreamscape, United Dance, Bowlers
Other: Labyrinth in London, Bagley's London, Club Summum Ibiza,Colliseum in Dundee,North in Stoke, Run To The Sun with Doc Scott Radio 1 in Cornwall
Tel: (01970) 625900
Tel: (01970) 626626 7-10pm
Cr: 14/02/2000
Md: 14/02/2000
Nebula II
Plays. Old Skool, Drum & Bass, New Skool Breaks
Also. Mix and blend
Resident: Legends of the dark black (Bham) Edge (Notts)
Regular: Breaks (Bham) Illusions (stoke)
Other: World wide
Tel: 07968 128805
Cr: 24/03/2003
Md: 24/03/2003
Plays. euphoric & hard trance
Also. techno & hard house
Resident: Lunar @ Monroes
Regular: LiquidMetal internet radio (offline ufn)
Other: CC's Bar
Tel: +447786347513
Cr: 06/03/2002
Md: 06/03/2002
Nick Hardie
Plays. Tech House
Also. Deep Funky Techno
Regular: Fusion PartiesDiscoTech
Tel: 0151 2203027
Cr: 14/02/2000
Nick Irwin
Plays. Hard House/UK NRG
Also. Funky Hard House
Resident: Pickle
Regular: Fevah,Farenhite,No Tomorrow,Ecstatic
Other: Angels(Cape Town)Flava(Durban),Rush (Cape Town),Seed,Fierce
Tel: 020 7733 9317
Cr: 14/02/2000
Md: 18/09/2002
Nick Nicolaides
Plays. Hard House & Storming Uplifting Trance
Also. Hard House
Can. Trance
Resident: Titanium @ BagleysSublime UK @ PulseSmashed @ Middlesex University
Other: Journey to the Sun
Tel: 07930 485 862
Cr: 14/02/2000
Nick Spice
Plays. Technominimal techno
Cr: 14/02/2000

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