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DJ Peace
Plays. Funky, Percussive, Minimal Techno
Also. Tech-House
Can. Deep House
Regular: Soap@Charlie Parkers Boshed
Other: Level 1 The Great Escape
Tel: 07879676864
Cr: 14/02/2000
Md: 14/02/2000
DJ Psyence
Plays. very hard acid techno
Also. hard nu-nrg and some hard house
Can. dirty industrial techno cluster style.
Regular: meltdown
Tel: 01245 475567
Email: psyence20@hotmail
Cr: 10/05/2000
Md: 10/05/2000
DJ Pure
Plays. Uplifting Nu-NRG/Hard Trance
Also. Psychadelic Trance
Can. Stomping acid techno
Regular: Stinky Pinky Panic K.S.N
Other: Free parties, many festivals incl. Glastonbury
Tel: 07719 376907
Cr: 07/01/2003
Md: 07/01/2003
Plays. High energy explosion of techno, trance and hard house
Regular: Immersion Sound System; wiith the Liberators
Tel: 020 8525 5365
Cr: 14/02/2000
Md: 14/02/2000
Plays. acid tecno hard tecno
Also. ska
Regular: co-existence soundsystem
Other: Immersion system ,free fesys everywhere , Poland
Tel: 07941522633
Cr: 10/01/2002
Md: 10/01/2002
Pat Hurley
Plays. techno, acid-techno, trance, hard-house, breakbeats, ambient
Other: Uber, Schtonka, Mindscapes, Redeye, Trancentral, Catch 23 & numerous free parties
Tel: 07939 922554
Cr: 05/06/2000
Md: 05/06/2000
Pat Lynes
Plays. Hard Funky NRG
Also. Bangin Trance , Techno
Can. Progressive Dark Trance / House
Regular: Wax,The Soleil
Other: Bar Tonka
Tel: 07977 494029
Tel: 01273 275237
Cr: 09/01/2001
Md: 09/01/2001
Pat Reid
Plays. Hard House, Uplifting and driving trance
Regular: Platypus Rec (res), Fly, Velvet Underground
Other: Escape from Samsara
Tel: 0958-472-188
Tel: 020 8874-9924
Cr: 14/02/2000
Paul Doran
Resident: Milk
Cr: 22/01/2001
Md: 22/01/2001
Paul Edge
Plays. techno
Also. techhouse
Can. new wave
Resident: he Outer Limits (UK and Europe), Remote Control (usa)
Regular: The Too Far Gone (NYC) Evolution (Phoenix)
Other: twilo (nyc), freedom (phx), knitting factory (la), ambasada gavioli (slovenia), tunnell (austria), massive (canada), Phato (nyc), Roxy (nyc), slam (london), Buzz (DC) etc
Tel: 001 44 480 9414149
Tel: 001 44 480 9414724
Cr: 24/03/2003
Md: 20/05/2003
Paul Johnson
Plays. hard house, hard trance
Resident: Berzerk
Cr: 22/01/2001
Md: 22/01/2001
Paul Langley
Plays. Jackin' hard techno but not acid techno
Also. deep techno
Regular: gogglez in Brighton, Jacktrippin in Brighton
Other: Stammheim, Kassel Germany ,Millenium 3 in Basle, Switzerland. Prag in Stuttgart, Germany. U-Club in Wuppertal, Germany
Tel: 07957 416503
Tel: 020 8328 2500
Cr: 14/02/2000
Md: 14/02/2000
Plays. Bangin' Acid, Techno and trance
Regular: DefianceRampantReal VirtualityVector
Tel: 0973 308 920
Cr: 14/02/2000
Pearl E Monsoon
Plays. Hard and uplifting trance, Nu-Nrg, Hard-house
Resident: G.O.D. Girls On Decks
Regular: Logic
Tel: 020 8677 6450
Cr: 03/04/2000
Md: 03/04/2000
Pete Wallis
Plays. Hi-NRG Trance, Fat lead lines and Acid.
Also. lsorts of Hard-Trance / Techno.
Can. Oldskool Hardcore / Breakbeats
Resident: Cause & Effect (Newcastle). Collaborative Northern Effort.
Regular: Detox.
Tel: 07980 652 141
Cr: 07/01/2003
Md: 07/01/2003
Plays. Acid Tekno
Resident: Pendulum
Regular: Stinky Pink
Other: Immersion & Panik
Tel: 020 8809 1447
Cr: 09/01/2001
Md: 09/01/2001
Phil Reynolds
Plays. Hard Trance/House
Play from : Danceportal
Resident: Frantic
Other: Fevah, Farenhite, Submaniac
Cr: 22/01/2001
Md: 22/01/2001
Other: Submaniac
Cr: 22/01/2001
Md: 22/01/2001
Pied Piper Paul
Plays. Psy Trance / TechnoFunky & FULL ON!
Regular: Transient (UK),Lunar Promotions (UK),Green Ants (OZ),Cyberculture (NZ)
Tel: 0956-389 852
Cr: 14/02/2000
Plays. Hard House/Trance, Techno/Acid/Bouncy, Acid
Regular: DeliveranceJumpSelf Indulgence,Sexyfesty,Don FM 105.1(107.9)
Tel: 01702 335444
Cr: 14/02/2000
Plays. Impish acid trance
Regular: Mesmerise
Tel: (01222) 388599
Cr: 14/02/2000
Plays. Hard house/Trance
Also. Funky house
Can. Techno
Regular: Torque @ Club west one four
Other: Ministry of sound, Glass house, Future FM
Tel: 0797 421 7073
Fax: 020 8989 5459
Cr: 09/01/2001
Md: 20/01/2001
Plays. Banging HardHouse &Trance
Also. Acid Trance
Can. Acid Techno
Resident: Quake,Logic, Evolution(Bulgaria),Shonk!
Regular: Pickle, Chaos, Mezmersze,Surge
Other: Niemazaco, Sundowners, Juice, Peace On Earth, Octopus Club(Tel-Aviv) Malvinarium(Bulgaria)
Tel: 07956 472 558
Fax: 020 8952 0117
Cr: 14/02/2000
Md: 07/06/2000
Plays. Hard 'avin it, uplifting fluffHard, Deep 'n' Focused Techno Trance
Resident: P
Regular: Escape From Samsara,+ after parties (Fridge Bar), Pendragon, Pulse, Trancentral, Meltdown, Kinetec, Pickle
Tel: (01865) 726909
Cr: 22/01/2001
Md: 22/01/2001

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