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Plays. Hard trance, techno, acid and hard house.
Play from : Danceportal
Resident: Destination Venus, Escape from Samsara, Saiko!
Regular: Escape from Samsara Pendragon, Fish
Other: Catch 23
Cr: 22/01/2001
Md: 22/01/2001
Plays. Chillouit
Regular: Enlightenment
Other: Astral Phoenix
Cr: 22/01/2001
Md: 22/01/2001
Oli & Emma
Plays. Rather hard funky uplifting house and techno
Regular: Freedom.
Tel: 0831 220353
Cr: 14/02/2000
Olivier FX
Plays. Dancefloor Techno
Also. Tek-House
Resident: Play Bar every Wednesday. Overdue's parties every month.
Regular: Free parties and Malfaiteurs sound system.
Other: The Box (New Zealand). L'An-fer (France). Associations Festival (France). Techno Parade New Caledonia...etc etc.
Tel: 07939089606
Cr: 07/01/2003
Md: 07/01/2003
Plays. Hard free party techno that's free of cheese
Regular: TrancentralUnderground SoundTwisted
Tel: 07899 890 212
Cr: 14/02/2000
Orange Peel
Plays. Bangin' hard house, Nu NRG, uplifting trance , hard trance, acid.
Play from : Danceportal
Resident: Trancentral Restless NativesTsunami
Regular: Synergy (Bristol / B'ham) Feverish / Homegrown (Bristol) Kinetec
Tel: 0802 580533
Cr: 14/02/2000
Md: 03/04/2001
Overload aka (Nik Denton)
Plays. Fierce Hard House
Also. Funky House
Resident: Soap
Regular: Boshed
Other: Loonacy
Tel: 023 80581962
Cr: 14/02/2000
Md: 14/02/2000
Owen B
Plays. hard & uplifting house, trance
Play from : Danceportal
Resident: Fevah
Regular: Trinity
Cr: 22/01/2001
Md: 22/01/2001

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