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DJ Wortax
Plays. Techno
Also. Techno / Trance
Can. Techouse
Other: Pacha (Ofir.Portugal), Rock's (Porto.Portugal), Joy Eslava (Coruna.Spain), Irs (Algarve.Portugal), Oito Graus (Aveiro.Portugal), Komplexus (Famalicao.Portugal), Lowlands (Oia.Portugal), Quebra-Mar (Praia da Barra.Portugal), Ultimatum (Coimbra.Portugal),
Tel: +351 966229787
Cr: 10/01/2002
Md: 10/01/2002
Wayne Burgess
Plays. Uplifting Hard House
Also. Nu NRG
Regular: X-StaticSunflowers
Tel: 0778 8860559
Fax: 01892 619 633
Cr: 14/02/2000
Plays. hard melodic trance
Also. cheesy chillout stuff
Resident: Contnuim, Omnipotence, Cus Cus
Regular: Pickle, Fevah, Just One More, Mat&Mat
Other: Impact
Tel: 07957 611540
Cr: 27/06/2000
Md: 27/06/2000
Plays. uplifting/hard trance and hard house
Regular: Sensory Garden
Tel: 020 7724 1835
Cr: 14/02/2000

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